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Name and any aliases: Lisa
Birthdate: 11-01-82
Gender: Female
How many rating communities are you in?: alot :P

Favorite bands/musicians: Smashing Pumpkins, Tori Amos, Foo Fighters, Metallica
Favorite authors/mangaka/webcomic artists: CLAMP, Anne Rice, Steven King, Kaori Yuki
Favorite stories (books, manga, whatever): Interview with the Vampire, Clover, TB(of course), Yami no Matsuei
Movies you'd recommend to cool people: I like cool movies, yeah right. :P But I do recommend Kill Bill.

Food you could snack on forever if health issues didn't get in the way: Hersey Kisses

Hobbies: Anime/Manga, writing, reading, music, playing video game
Talents: I know my trivia, singing
Issues that matter to you: Politics, my family, environment
Issues you don't care about: Nothing, every issue gets to me.
Things you talk about a lot because you like them: Anime, music, movies

Things you don't talk about because you like them: Why would I tell you then. ;)
Things you rant about: The president, fandom, the evil parts of my family
Things you'd like to rant about: More on politics, I have alot to say.
Your strengths: Kindness, open mindedness, patient, friendly, great sense of humor
Your weaknesses: gets angry easily, procrastination, can be a bitch at times, very shy, lazy, gets depressed easily, big space case (I zone out alot), too quiet sometimes, somewhat possessive of certain things

What do people normally say about you (to others or to yourself)?: That I'm weird and need help.
How do you normally introduce yourself?: Hi, my name is Lisa
You'd be absolutely mortified if...: All my CDs and mp3s were taken
You'd be elated if...: I won lots of money
Do you tend to agree with people a lot or argue with people a lot?: Argue
Do you talk to inanimate objects?: Yep
Why or why not?: Because they never talk back
Finish this Engrish statement: The love can make the live become...: Love? o_O

Why do you like Tokyo Babylon?: Because you feel for the supporting characters as much as the main ones.
Who is your favorite character (major or minor)?: Seishirou
What's your favorite TB arc?: The save arc
Which is better: X or Tokyo Babylon?: I like both the same way.
Do you love Tokyo?: Sure

Anything else you'd like to say? Nope ^_^

Post some pictures and/or describe your physical appearance. You can also post pictures you've taken that aren't of you, like your room or fighting produce.

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