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words and dreams and a million screams

Subaru Sumeragi
Hokuto Sumeragi
Seishirou Sakurazuka
Lady Sumeragi

Dream - Subaru encounters a girl whom he knows from when he was a child who has withdrawn into herself because she was raped.

Babel - Subaru and Seishirou encounter a girl who committed suicide because her dreams of becoming an actress were ruined.
Kato Kazue

Smile - Hokuto befriends a girl who's running from the police.

Call -Three girls meet on a party line who believe they are warriors for the end of the world.
Ponytail girl
Glasses girl
Shoulder-length hair girl

Crime - Subaru comes across a woman attempting to summon an Inugami to get revenge for her daughter's death.

Save - A bullied girl joins a cult that promises salvation.
Nagi Kumiko

Old - Subaru befriends an old man trying to fulfill his wife's dying wish.

Box - Subaru sings with a woman who had an affair.
Karaoke lady

Rebirth - Subaru befriends a little boy with kidney problems.
Yuuya's mother

This is an incomplete list of course, because one, I'm too lazy to go look up the stuff for the 2 volumes that aren't out yet (and it wouldn't matter if I did, since most of you haven't read them, and I probably would barely remember them), and two, these are just the people that were in it, and this community is for anything. So if someone doesn't seem to fit any of these characters quite right, pick something else.

And if anyone has more suggestions for this list, or ways to make it better, feel free to post them.

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