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Tokyo... because I forgot my own community's rules.

Name and any aliases: Tegan is my real name. Also known as Teg for short because online people are lazy. And Chicken... just cause whenever people yell "TEGAN!!!!!" across school, it sounds like they're saying chicken, so now a few people call me that. And apparently I answer to it more than my own name. Moshi... is my official online nickname. Yeah.
Birthdate: December 11th, 1990.
Gender: Female.
How many rating communities are you in?: Three anime ones. Three general rating ones.

Favorite bands/musicians: #1 = Weezer. HIM and Radiohead are probably second. Also Placebo, The Cure, Blink 182, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Bright Eyes...
Favorite authors/mangaka/webcomic artists: CLAMP, but that's a given. Kaori Yuki.
Favorite stories (books, manga, whatever): Books - Watership Down, Alice in Wonderland, stories of teen angst :) Manga - X, Tokyo Babylon, Boys Next Door, Gravitation, Maxion (Hooray for shounen manga that I love.), maybe Angel Sanctuary or Cardcaptor Sakura.
Movies you'd recommend to cool people: Donnie Darko. Apparently it's hard to find people who like this movie, because I thought my friend would adore it, but she didn't like the whole time travel aspect to it. And my mom, who loved the Butterfly Effect, hated the parts of DD (excuse my lazy abbreviation) that were similar to the BE (Again, excuse...), more specifically the ending. The Butterfly Effect. Dude, Where's my Car? for people who appreciate stupid humor. My art teacher was like, "That movie was so lame. It wa so stupid." And I was like, "Erm... duh."
Food you could snack on forever if health issues didn't get in the way: Muddy Buddies! So delicious. Or.. Fun Dip or Nerds rope.

Hobbies: Photography, though I haven't taken an official class and I just got my camera. Drawing. Music & band. Internet. Tricking people. Debating. Shopping for swords/axes/spears/any kind of weapon like that. Seriously, those are the only things I have fun shopping for aside from plushies and socks. Warcraft.(Oh, the joys of copying and pasting from other rating aplpications.)
Talents: Drawing... I guess. Debating, I know. And winning. People need to give up sooner so as not to waste my precious time. Or something. As if I don't have all the free time in the world. Making witty comments. At least I think so. Making people think I'm serious when I'm not, which often leads to misunderstandings, ie I hate them. Oh well.
Issues that matter to you: Um... not much that I can think of, actually. Or maybe I'm just not thinking of the right kind of stuff.
Issues you don't care about: Politics. Not that I hate them, just I have no interest in them. Call me irresponsible and watch me care (don't waste your time; it's not going to happen). Most other things.
Things you talk about a lot because you like them: Everything I like. A lot of people. A lot of things.
Things you don't talk about because you like them: I really can't think of any, though if I could, I wouldn't talk about them now, would I? o_O;
Things you rant about: EVERYTHING. Seriously, add me as a friend and read my Livejournal. Or, even better, come to my school and sit in my Lit or Art class! Oh hex yes. Mainly the stupidity of people.
Things you'd like to rant about: Everything I can.
Your weaknesses: Not being able to express myself very well. I'm honest, but I can't easily talk about my emotions. I don't know why. I guess I'm actually afraid of them in a way, now thinking about it. Or at least afraid of what others would think/do. I also hate shots. :P And I procrastinate, though lately I've been trying to stop (sounds like an addiction, haha). Being mean to others, and enjoying it sometimes.

What do people normally say about you (to others or to yourself)?: Let's see. Most of the time, when people first meet me, it's one of two things. One, which is way more common, that I hate them or am a mean person or two, I'm stupid. I guess because I'm always really tired, and when I don't care for something when I'm really tired, I'm not exactly up for thinking about it, so I come off a bit slow. Even when people know me, they say I'm brutally honest. Which is okay with me. Honest and mean or lying and nice? I'd take honest anyday. They also say I'm funny... and am good to talk to/get advice. At least some. Others are too caught up in their stupid minds thinking they know everything.
How do you normally introduce yourself?: Different ways. Sometimes I leave the introduction for after we've already become friends. I like it that way.
You'd be absolutely mortified if...: Anything happened to anyone I care about. I lost Rose. Other things, but did I mention I'm lazy?
You'd be elated if...: Little things happened... The things that make me happiest are when I get little compliments. Okay, so presents are nice too, but I really like when people say quick, to the point things. It makes me feel all fuzzy and I smile and go skipping around. Like literally.
Do you tend to agree with people a lot or argue with people a lot?: Both probably equally, though I'm sure people would say the latter, because I rant so much. Not my fault you're stupid.
Do you talk to inanimate objects?: Yes.
Why or why not?: Rose, my stuffed horse, because she's my best friend. Seriously. I lvoe her to death and every day I tell her about everything. Mostly about how I'm feeling.
Finish this Engrish statement: The love can make the live become...: deathhh... Okay, that doesn't make sense, but it's fun to say.

Why do you like Tokyo Babylon?: Can we say "SubaruxSeishirou is the most awesome relationship story ever"? Other stuff too, but no one cares about those :)
Who is your favorite character (major or minor)?: Seishirou. He's just awesome. In a freak way.
What's your favorite TB arc?: I don't know. Possibly the one with the grandpa.
Which is better: X or Tokyo Babylon?: Both have their ups and downs. More ups though.
Do you love Tokyo?: Um... sure.

Anything else you'd like to say? Um... no.

Post some pictures and/or describe your physical appearance. You can also post pictures you've taken that aren't of you, like your room or fighting produce.

Take my dorky smile, yo.

I'd put up random pictures, but for the last time, I'm lazy.
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