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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, I just found this wonderful community, here's my application!


Name and any aliases: Nausicaa
Birthdate: 17 September 1983
Gender: Female
How many rating communities are you in?: 2!

Favorite bands/musicians: Er... Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Eagles, Eric Clapton, X Japan, Cat Stevens, Ella Fitzgerald... too many of them!
Favorite authors/mangaka/webcomic artists: CLAMP!
Favorite stories (books, manga, whatever): Too many, but if you're talking of stories as "saga" I'd say Lord of the Rings...
Movies you'd recommend to cool people: Hellzapoppin, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Wings of Desire...
Food you could snack on forever if health issues didn't get in the way: Fried chips.

Hobbies: Making music videos
Talents: Making music videos? ^_^ Well, I can listen to persons, when they have problems, and so on...
Issues that matter to you: Everything about Archaeology!
Issues you don't care about: Nothing, I like to keep informed about everything, more or less...
Things you talk about a lot because you like them: Clamp manga...
Things you don't talk about because you like them: Well, my private life... I like it, thanks God, but I don't like to talk about it...
Your strengths: Be kind with me once, and I'll probably love you forever!
Your weaknesses: Be kind with me once, and I'll probably love you forever, until you'll break my heart, of course...

What do people normally say about you (to others or to yourself)?: That I'm strong, and courageous. Life's been very tough to me, but I didn't fall apart.
How do you normally introduce yourself?: I'm studying to become an Archaeologist! Yayyyyy!!!
You'd be absolutely mortified if...: If I had to do an exam twice... it already happened, and it's terrible...
You'd be elated if...: I could finally buy my own domain!!
Do you tend to agree with people a lot or argue with people a lot?: Agree. If I don't, I don't tell them, and start talking about something else.
Do you talk to inanimate objects?: Only my Pc, and only to insult it.
Why or why not?: Why.
Finish this Engrish statement: The love can make the live become...: ...people who like strawberry kiss.

Why do you like Tokyo Babylon?: I first read it when I had just lost my little sister, so I felt like it was talking about me. And I also felt that somewhere there was someone who knew exactly what to tell me to make me feel better.
Who is your favorite character (major or minor)?: Subaru
What's your favorite TB arc?: Arc? Damn my bad english! If you mean "volume", I'd say 6 and 7.
Which is better: X or Tokyo Babylon?: Tokyo Babylon. I absolutely love X, but I prefer Tokyo Babylon.
Do you love Tokyo?: Yes.

Anything else you'd like to say? See my Tokyo Babylon and X music videos! I think they'll tell you more about me than I could ever do... as English isn't my native language...

Post some pictures and/or describe your physical appearance. I'm tall, thin, brown hair, green eyes. Very very pale skin.
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