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Come and join and be rated as various Tokyo Babylon characters! And no, we don't mean the three main ones, we mean any character or other living creature from the manga that comes to mind. Don't join if you're unprepared to be voted as Subaru's two-headed shikigami or Yuuya's mother or the gaijin from the Smile arc. Please do join if you're creative and like to have fun. XD

This community is moderated by errrmv and moshimishi. errrmv did most of the writing and moshimishi did all the hard graphics/layouts stuff. She is the Layout Queen.

The lovely icon and stamps have been provided by yahiko_sama.


- No unnecessary flaming.
- Don't skew your application. If people decide you've unfairly skewed your application to get voted as your favorite character, your application will be deleted.
- Don't get pissy if you don't get rated Subaru, or whatever character you were hoping for.
- All pictures go behind an LJ cut. There are no exceptions.
- Do not post pictures of yourself cosplaying Tokyo Babylon or X.
- Keep all pictures around or under a PG rating.
- You don't have to be stamped before you can vote. In fact, if you vote a lot, people will like you more, and you're more likely to get stamped more quickly.
- You must have the word Tokyo in the subject line of your application. It doesn't have to be capitalized, though.
- Do not vote one person more than one character or thing. Your vote will be ignored.
- Please bold your votes if you know how.
- Please bold the question part of the application if you know how.
- An obvious majority is needed before the mods will stamp you. To give you an idea, if you get six votes one character, and one vote for another character, you'll be stamped for the one voted for six times. But if you get six votes one character, and five votes another, we'll have to have a recount.
- You can change your vote any time before the applicant is stamped.
- If you really think you've been stamped wrong, or if you're getting a lot of confusing votes on your application, or if you think the mods are just out to get you, you can re-apply once. Just make sure to reword your application so history doesn't repeat itself.
- We're having fun, here. Have fun, be creative, enjoy the best manga ever, and follow the rules.


This is still very much in the works. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them. If you want to rant about the way the community is run, we'll let you post that, too, within reason. All comments are to be posted here, in this community, and not in the mod's livejournals. If you think this community sucks and you could do better, go ahead and make your own. Spread the Tokyo Babylon love. ^_^


Name and any aliases:
How many rating communities are you in?:

Favorite bands/musicians:
Favorite authors/mangaka/webcomic artists:
Favorite stories (books, manga, whatever):
Movies you'd recommend to cool people:
Food you could snack on forever if health issues didn't get in the way:

Issues that matter to you:
Issues you don't care about:
Things you talk about a lot because you like them:
Things you don't talk about because you like them:
Things you rant about:
Things you'd like to rant about:
Your strengths:
Your weaknesses:

What do people normally say about you (to others or to yourself)?:
How do you normally introduce yourself?:
You'd be absolutely mortified if...:
You'd be elated if...:
Do you tend to agree with people a lot or argue with people a lot?:
Do you talk to inanimate objects?:
Why or why not?:
Finish this Engrish statement: The love can make the live become...:

Why do you like Tokyo Babylon?:
Who is your favorite character (major or minor)?:
What's your favorite TB arc?:
Which is better: X or Tokyo Babylon?:
Do you love Tokyo?:

Anything else you'd like to say?

Post some pictures and/or describe your physical appearance. You can also post pictures you've taken that aren't of you, like your room or fighting produce.

Character list and arc summaries can be found here.

grayhour is most like Hashimoto
sakanagi is most like Hokuto
sumeragichan13 is most like Yuuya
moshimishi is most like the Happy Anpan
lranuh is most like the Gaijin Girl
exhero is most like Hokuto
errrmv is most like Hokuto
nausicaa83 is most like Grandpa
gysh is most like Seishirou as a vet
kazutakasensei is most like Kato Kazue


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